A refreshing new experience of email.
Combining multiple layers of defence and filtering, our mail servers can filter out above 99% of all viruses and spam - they can also be trained for better accuracy and customized for each user or group.


A complete browser front end allows you to configure all your email settings: passwords, new accounts, aliases, etc

Unwanted: Viruses & Spam

Unfortunately, Email can be an easy medium for viruses to spread, but our servers will block them before they reach your mailbox.
The filters can also be configured to filter out 99% of unsollicited email (aka spam).
Combining many state of the art filtering techniques with customizable detection thresholds and pattern learning.

Access, Privacy & Security

We let you use your email wherever you are with whatever tools you may have at hand and always with the best security possible!
We let you concentrate many email accounts, automatically forward/respond, download mail both from and to other servers.

All you data will never be shared, sold or disclosed to any third party. See our policies for more details.