Email can be used to send text and images, documents, sounds, videos, ... but also viruses and spam, just as easily


Viruses spread using badly designed (and/or badly configured) software.
Having a good anti-virus software installed is important and useful, but the best protection comes from:

  • avoid catching viruses in the first place by using an email software that is not designed to be broken (no Outlook)
  • avoid having to download the dangerous messages: they can be discarded earlier by the mail server and save us all some bandwidth and time


Only a tiny percentage of Internet users respond to spam (less than 1% is not uncommon), but it is enough to motivate spammers to find more email addresses and keep sending their "content".
The best way to stop spam is to never click, reply to or forward any spam message, which would make the market disappear, but unfortunately some people still do get fooled..
As with viruses, make sure you use a good email client software and save yourself some time and resources by filtering it earlier rather than never...

We do offer secure email accounts with advanced spam and virus filtering as standard.