We have been supporting the Open Source movement since 1997 and using GNU/Linux since 1994.
We believe in the importance of diversity and do our best to guarantee that our products will work equally well on all open source platforms and compatible unices.

The EC had this to say about Open Source: "OSS products are, by their nature, publicly available specifications, and the availability of their source code promotes open, democratic debate around the specifications, making them both more robust and interoperable."

Linux Desktop

For isolated desktop usage, we recommend one of the major distributions whose benefits far outweight the inconveniences caused by unfair competition and abusive practises.

Development and Support

One key advantage of open source development is the amount of development tools and methodologies available, which makes choosing the right one all the more important.
You may need occasional on-site support for critical infrastructure changes, or pro-active remote maintenance of your most valued servers.
Our support contracts adapt and include security measures by default.


From end user training to system administration and security training