By definition these exploits are designed to bypass security, they may well crash your browser, computer or/and network, you have been warned.
Do not expect to find here the latest backdoor for your next victim, these are just a collection of varied exploits which includes a large variety of attack techniques.
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If you are being swayed by the current onslaught of vulnerability statistics FUD, you may find this post interresting.

IE Internet Explorer

IE is by far the most easily exploited software out there (usually through scripting or buffer overflows)

browser Browsers

Opera, etc can also be vulnerable to similar weaknesses.

network Network

Network protocol flaws and weaknesses.

operating system Linux

This should help to remind everyone of the necessity of staying fully up to date.

windows Windows

Very many flaws, usually taking full control of the system in one strike.

tools Others

Flaws all other types of applications