With the prevalence of the WWW as medium for many tasks from entertainment to business (from simple interaction with a computer screen to a full a virtual office), the browser is quickly becoming the most important piece of software that our online society relies on.
By some definitions, recent browsers are operating systems of their own.
W3C.org has a good history of the World Wide Web spanning from 1945 to 1995
You will find here a list of common browser related technologies

Test your Browser!

Just browse to the click through test and we will show you what your browser is telling the world about you, including: about itself, your network connection, your location , tracking methods (via "cookies") , and the features it supports (Javascript, Java, ...)


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The best browsers can make surfing a much more enjoyable experience: blocking unwanted popups, remembering gestures, sites and passwords, ... and much more.


The best practises for being safe on the web.


Most browsers support plugins that extend the browser's features

Another common demand is the ability to block or remove adware and spyware from a system.
But the easiest way to avoid these parasites is to use a secure operating system