Preliminary Conclusions

You seem to be using Unknown!
You seem to be using an unusual browser. Good
It reports a lot of information (40 characters, see "user-agent" in request header), is this really necessary?
Characters not immediately recognised: ccbot/2.0 (
It seems secure, at least from a few very basic checks

Your operating system is 'unknown' and it seems secure

Note: this is just a rough evaluation.
Overall your security seems good

You may want to visit our Request header information

This information is disclosed at minimum to all the sites you visit (*)

Session and network information

This information is extrapolated from the data above or queried from the underlying network protocols (*)

Location information

Based on your internet IP address, one can quickly identify where your are located physically on earth


This information is supposed to be exchanged only between you and the website you visit, it is stored between visits on your computer


Enabling javascript (if it is disabled) will improve the reliability of the test results.
Note however that enabling Javascript globally is a security risk, especially when using Internet Explorer.
Unfortunately it is usually enabled by default and is often needed to be able to access poorly designed websites.


Java Applets in a page, using various tag formats.

(*) Note: combinations of anonymous proxies, browser obfuscation, etc may fool these parts of the detection