Firewalls, scanners, intrusion detection systems, scanners, rootkits, honeypots and other essential tools ;-)

Lists of Tools

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Block attacks at the network levels

  • OpenWall: also includes password cracker, word lists, kernel security enhancements and more
  • ipcop
  • Zorp: Proxy firewall suite
  • l7-filter: Application layer packet classifier for Linux
  • checkpoint


Map firewalls, find vulnerable targets

  • nmap: simple network mapper, also does OS fingerprinting
  • nessus

OS Fingerprinting

Detect which Operating System a system is running


Exploit systems

  • for creating exploits semi-automatically
  • fragroute: intercepts, modifies, and rewrites egress traffic destined for a specified host


Trap the crackers trying to exploit a system

  • Honeynet: to learn the tools, tactics and motives of the blackhat community
  • honey pots and other IDS
  • BaitNSwitch: redirects all hostile traffic to a honeypot that is partially mirroring your production system

Intrusion Detection

Detect intruders


Backdoors, detection and cleanup


Figure out what happened - on the spot, using a live cd


Secure system out of the box

Data Security

How to protect your data, how to securely destroy it, encrypt it...

Video Surveillance

Remote eyes